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Here at VX Tuning our goal has always been to provide a headlight that feels, looks and performs better than OEM. This has been our moto since we started offering headlight assemblies back since 2013.  We have always been against cutting or modifying headlight assemblies. However, we literally have one exception, and these headlights are it. It took us literally 5 years to finally get convinced to cut and modify halogen headlights and convert “retrofit’ them with projectors. After endless questions, requests, and messages from customers, we finally decided to start offering them in 2018. But before starting offering them, we made sure and researched a way to offer the most cleanest, one of a kind, and OEM Plus look/style there could be. Ever since we started, it has been a huge success. We owe that success to all the research and custom bits we made to make these headlights stand out and be different than the other typical retrofits you find from other retrofitters. I guess we can now say, we have succeeded. Since 2018 these particular headlights have been a hit and have received countless of positive reviews/feedback, which can be seen from our customers and even on some YouTube videos. Due to the immensity of work these headlight requires, we only do very small batches every other month, which we will continue doing it this way from now on. So lets move on and talk about these headlights.

Our VXT “Retrofit Headlights” start with a brand new set of VXT Ecode housings which are then retrofitted/modified with a (Bi-LED) or HID (Bi-Xenon) Projector of your choice.

NOTE: These RETROFIT headlights are NOT our VXT GEN1/GEN2 HID Headlights, which are also known as (OEM HID Style / Dual Turns / Euro R32 Style ). Our “RETROFIT” headlights are known as RETROFIT headlights and come standard with fog lights and turn signals, and now available (dual turn signal option)


These headlights are made in very small batches every other month. So please contact us for availability and detailed pricing




  • Chrome
  • 20th A/E Style (Chrome Reflector / Flat Black Trim Bezel
    • Gloss Black Trim Bezel finish (Additional cost)
      • Dual Turn Signal Conversion (Additional Cost)
  • Black / with Chrome high beam bowl
    • Gloss Black Trim Bezel finish (Additional cost)
      • Dual Turn Signal Conversion (Additional Cost)
  • Fully Black finish including high beam bowl
    • Gloss Black Trim Bezel finish (Additional cost)
      • Dual Turn Signal Conversion (Additional Cost)


  • Our retrofit headlights come standard with GLASS Lenses


Please note that: Projectors will not change the appearance of the headlight whatsoever.

  • Standard Mini H1 Bi-Xenon 2.5” Projector – (Similar performance as the Morimoto Mini H1 Projector)
    • A step above standard, these “VXT Mini H1” projectors are about identical to the Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors as far as performance and output. They are the industry standard for high quality, but still pretty “basic” compared cosmetically to the Morimoto Mini H1 projector.
      • With any Bi-Xenon (HID) Projector purchase receive a:
        • FREE Set of “VOLX” HID Ballasts and HID Bulbs with any Bi-Xenon Projector Purchase – Standard (Included)
        • VXT “ONE Piece” Custom Rear Covers – Standard (Included)
        • Relay Harness Sold Separately (Optional)
  • Morimoto Mini 8.0 H1 Bi-Xenon 2.5” Projector
    • With the most modern optics, an optically clear lens, and their curved cutoff shield; The Mini H1 8.0 offers a wide, uniformly lit low beam which stays intense all the way to the outer limits. The Morimoto bi-xenon projectors’ high beam provides an insane amount of additional light on demand.
      • With any Bi-Xenon (HID) Projector purchase receive a:
        • FREE Set of HID Ballasts and HID Bulbs with any Bi-Xenon Projector Purchase – Standard (Included)
        • VXT “ONE Piece” Custom Rear Covers – Standard (Included)
        • Relay Harness Sold Separately (Optional)
  • VXT 3” Bi-LED Projector (Integrated LED Chip)
    • We’ll just start with the hotspot. It’s on par with the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 and a XB 45K Bulb / XB55 ballast, The Kuria optic clear lens and curved cutoff shield produce a beam pattern that’s plenty wide, with an ECE-sloped cutoff that’s super sharp, colorful. Rather than off-the-shelf LED’s like early LED projectors in the aftermarket, the VXT Bi-LED uses a specially developed CSP chipset from Osram. Almost identical to the popular M-LED projector from Morimoto, they share similar high quality components. However there are a few differences. Our VXT LED projectors have built in drivers as opposed to Morimoto which have external drivers that need to be mounted externally which of course require for holes to be drilled on the covers to allow the wires to run through. Another difference which is considered HUGE, is that our VXT LED projectors don’t share the same price tag of $400 as the Morimoto MLED projectors.…lol…
      • LED projectors do not need additional components such as bulbs, ballasts or Relay harness, they’re plug and play


  • Iris (Big Eye Look)
  • E46 (OEM Type Look)


  • DRL City Light LED bulb – Standard (Included)
  • High Beam Bulb H1 Halogen/Incandescent – Standard (Included)
    • LED Upgrade available
  • Turn Signal Bulb PY21W Amber Halogen/Incandescent – Standard (Included)
    • LED Upgrade available
  • Fog Light Bulb H3 Halogen/Incandescent – Standard (Included)
    • LED Upgrade available 


All of our RETROFIT headlights come standard with custom plug and play wiring. (No soldering, or crimped wires) Wiring offers a OEM Quality finish


  • Demon Eyes:
    • Single Color, choose one (WhiteAmberRedGreenPurpleBlue)
    • RGB (Multi Color) – (Requires LED Controller)
  • Halos:
    • Single Color (RED) – (No LED Controller needed)
    • Switchback (White/Amber) – (No LED Controller needed)
    • RGB (Multi Color) – (Requires LED Controller)
  • LED Controllers:
    • Manual Remote
      • The Manual RGB Demon eyes are control via a manual remote. This setup has a driver that is hidden inside the headlight. No external wires will be exposed and it’s a plug and play setup
    • Bluetooth Remote
      • The Bluetooth remote is controlled via your phone. Main controller module will need to get power from battery. One small wire/connector (already pre-wired by us) will be ran  through the rear cover which needs to connect to main driver onto the main controller. Customer is responsible of installing the driver and main controller (very simple process). We can provide help./assistance if needed
  • Lens Etching

Ok, so you have your brand new awesome looking retrofits which results will be: Looks OEM+, performs amazing! nailed it! But honestly, nothing compares to the “ooooohs” and “ahhhs” you’ll get from other car guys (and gals) at the next show after pointing out your personalized projectors. That’s priceless! No, the image won’t be projected out onto the road like the Bat Signal! We will automatically size the artwork to ensure it has no noticeable effects on the light output or overall performance (or in most cases none at all) So if light output is just as high on your priority list as-is looking good, you don’t need to worry. With our multi-step process, the image is permanently etched into the backside of your projector lenses. It will never discolor, fade, or fall off. Not that any of that’s even possible, but they’re guaranteed to look good for as long as you own em!

    • (Existing Designs available)
    • (Custom or Hex Designs)


With a Bi-LED retrofit forget about separate bulbs, forget about ballasts (especially worrying where to mount them), and forget running additional harnesses such as a relay harness. Here you’ve got a projector with a built in driver to regulate power and control it’s low and high beam function along with an integrated LED “OSRAM” Chip that illuminates the projector.

We are aware HID is king when it comes to brightness and output, but LED is not too far behind and due to their simplicity and easiness, it has become a major and popular choice.

If you do not want an LED Projector and prefer Xenon (HID), We offer various types of projectors such as the standard Mini H1 Bi-Xenon Projector or the popular Morimoto Mini H1 8.0. All HID setups come with our custom VXT extended rear covers. We also include a FREE VOLX HID KIT  (35w Ballasts and Bulbs). It’s a basic generic setup that will make your headlights plug and play straight out of the box. If you wish to upgrade the HID system (Ballasts and Bulbs) you can do so, and we can supply almost any brand you want such as Morimoto, Hylux, Phillips etc etc at an additional cost. Just mention it when ordering.

If you’re going with the HID setup, we highly recommend going with an HID relay harness which can be supplied for an additional cost. You can run your lights without it, however, in the long run, ballast or bulb failure can occur. So we HIGHLY recommend it to keep your system running nice and strong.


All of our RETROFIT HEADLIGHTS are built to order. We only make very small batches every other month. We usually will post it via social media, or through here. You can also email us directly regarding availability. If you have any questions or wish to be on the next batch, Please send us an email.

Here is a video made by Charles (Humble Mechanic) which is one of our many customers running our full LED Retrofit setup together with RGB Demon eyes and lens etching. – https://youtu.be/-NIqDw2QG0s

Here is another vide from Phillip Greene, showing his custom VXT retrofits on his R32. https://youtu.be/lV_WwhG2AYc

You can also check out our Instagram (VX_TUNING)  www.instagram.com/vx_tuning for additional pictures and work we’ve done.


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 8 in


HID and LED bulbs are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country.

Note: This usage regulation is not unique to products found on our website. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.


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