Euro Spec E-Code Wiring Harness – MK4 Golf / GTI / R32




  • 1x Wire Harness (For 1 (one) Headlight)

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Add Leveling Motor Pre-wiring / Connector


As everyone knows, with time, OE wire insulation becomes brittle and falls apart. Our Harnesses are built with OE quality components, and are 100% plug and play on all European Spec (E-Code) Halogen Headlights. The only differences from the OE wire harnesses, is that we have upgraded the wire quality. Each harness is tested to assure your satisfaction.

*** Leveling Motor (Pre-Wiring)
If your headlight has a factory Leveling Motor, you will need to add this feature when ordering. We will pre-wire the harness with a leveling motor harness/connector which will plug in directly to your leveling motor. If not selected, we will just ship the harness without the leveling motor pre-wiring.

“Will NOT fit US Spec Headlights”

“Will NOT fit EURO OEM HID / XENON Headlights”

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 3 in


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