We completely understand that you have worked hard for your money as well as we have to ensure you a great product, so if anyone tries to screw you over if something goes wrong, we would understand how you would feel as we would not want that ourselves.

Projector Retrofit Craftsmanship Warranty

Our craftsmanship warranty is guaranteed for 12 months against any defects directly related to the services performed by VXTuning. What that means is that as long as you own the lights for that period of time, we’ll make any needed repairs, fixes or adjustments or if something fails or goes wrong with our specific services or labor. ” Excludes glass lenses”. This warranty only covers the original purchaser of the conversion only and will not transfer to future owners. After 30 days, the customer is required to pay for return shipping costs related to warranty repair work; we only take care of the warranty related service as well as the return shipping costs. We will not ship a new assembly under any circumstance if headlight needs to be repaired or worked on under warranty, unless it arrives broken. Therefore, all warranty work must be done in the original headlight purchased.

Examples of a defect could be a projector shroud that has dislodged or projector beam that is not rotationally level to a reasonable degree. Since there are inconsistencies and slight variances within all headlight components & mounting points, we cannot guarantee the projectors to be perfectly aligned during certain conversions; however the services required to correct the issue are fully covered under our Craftsmanship Warranty. We have completed thousands of conversions over the years and consider projector retrofits to be a minimal risk service. 

All our Morimoto/Profile headlight build components carry worry free individual manufacturers warranties directly through TRS (TheRetrofitSource). We are able to help process these warranties if the items were purchased from us, and you are the original owner.

Now there are definitely some exceptions to this warranty so people cannot just randomly take advantage, and here are the reasons:

· If the client decides to open his/her headlight
· If the client tampers with the seal anywhere on the lights
· If the client sends the headlights to another retrofitter
· If the clients’ headlight have been sold or given away

Condensation Warranty

Contrary to popular beliefs, car headlights are not hermetically sealed. Each of them has few ventilation holes through which air circulates. This is necessary because halogen bulbs, xenon burners including LED Projectors, generate a lot of heat, which must be effectively dissipated. Unfortunately, air moisture penetrates through the ventilation holes into the headlight. The polycarbonate housing is located at the contact point of warm air inside the headlight and usually cooler air outside. If the air inside the headlight has a relative humidity of 50% and a temperature of 20 degrees, it is sufficient for the ambient temperature to drop to 9 degrees for a mist to form on the inside of the lamp.

This is completely natural. Condensation usually disappears after just a few miles of driving when the air circulating inside the headlight unit removes moisture effectively.

This is perfectly visible when a car leaves the car wash in the summer – this is when headlights fogging occurs most often even though the ambient temperature is high.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between a slight fog, which usually occurs close to the edge of the lamp shade, and a situation in which moisture condenses inside the headlight, not to mention “standing water”. It is then worth making sure that the rear covers and gaskets are sealed properly. If so, it means that the headlight could be leaking water from somewhere – there could be an opening in the covers or between the lens. If this is the case, then that’s where we need to take action and step in.

While we cannot guarantee that condensation will not occur, we take all the precautions possible to make sure it does not occur. Many times we see headlights that have never been opened have traces of condensation. The opening and resealing of any headlight by anyone other than VX Tuning is not recommended and will void the condensation warranty. There is no condensation warranty on any headlight that has been previously opened prior to the service VX Tuning provides.  

LED Accessory Add-On – Warranty & Disclaimer

VXTuning offers many different types of LED accessories that can be installed inside the headlights during a headlight build, projector conversion, during a custom paint job, or even as a stand alone option. Heat is the number one enemy of any LED product. OEM LED headlights come prepared with massive cooling fins or electronic fans installed to keep heat to a minimum. Aftermarket products that we supply do not have this type of cooling capacity. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause a LED product such a demon eye, halo, or strip to prematurely fail. While the products we supply are specifically made to be mounted inside headlight assemblies, they are designed to be universal, and some applications may experience more issues than others. Any color changing product carries a much higher risk of failure when compared to a white/amber switchback product. Color changing products such as demon eyes, halos, and strips also rely on a color changing handheld or Bluetooth controller. Bluetooth controllers rely on compatibility with constantly changing mobile phones and software updates that can lead to syncing or connectivity issues. If you have any doubt about the use of a color changing product installed inside your headlights; we recommend against installing it. By asking us to supply and install the color changing RGB/RGBW product, you accept the fact that the product will most likely fail at some point in time. In most cases LED driver replacement will remedy the issue of a faulty product that does not produce the proper color for example. LED drivers are mounted outside the headlight assembly which will not require the headlight to be opened again. In worst case scenarios, the demon eye, halo, or strip itself can fail. This would require us to re-open the headlight and replace the defective product. While the product will be covered under the manufacturers warranty,  any labor associated to the replacement of LED accessories is considered billable labor time. Again, if in doubt, please do not ask us to install any of these extra options. We’re happy to offer honest feedback on any given product at any time, but overall these LED accessories carry a large risk we want our customers to be aware of.

All our Morimoto/Profile headlight build components carry worry free individual manufacturers warranties directly through TRS (TheRetrofitSource). We are able to help process these warranties if the items were purchased from us, and you are the original owner.

Our VXT HID Kits, carry a 6 month warranty against any manufacturer defect. Diagnostic, HID component or otherwise vehicle system related issues, function-ability & any component specific related malfunctions are NOT covered by our warranty.

Replacement Glass Lenses:

Due to the nature of glass material and the production process, our glass lenses may have minor imperfections hard to capture by camera (miniature scratches, bubbles) which is normal for the product. They will not affect the light output nor its functionality, guaranteed. We offer a DIY video in our home page which should help with the installation of our lenses, however, we always recommend professional installation. All of our lenses are sold in pairs (Left & Right) otherwise noted. There is absolutely NO refund or returns accepted once lenses have been installed or test fitted. We are NOT responsible if buyer breaks or damages the lens before or during installation, unless package arrives damage and we are notified no more than 24 hours after delivery.

 Audi A4 B7 Headlight Lenses:

Our Audi A4 B7 headlight lenses look and feel like OEM Lenses. However, our lenses have 3 mounting holes that help secure the trim bezel. One of the 3 screw holes is slightly bigger, so it will not allow for the original screw to fully tighten. By using only 2 screw holes, it will help the bezel stay in place and will not move at all. Once the lens is seated, it will compress against the bezel making it tight and not allowing it to move. You can also add a tiny drop of hot glue, and while it cools down, you can screw the original screw in, and that will also solve the issue. If you would still like to add a screw, you can simply use a screw next size bigger than the original, which can be found in any hardware store. If by any chance, the screw hole for any reason might be smaller, you can simply make the whole bigger by screwing in the original screw in and out couple of times until it is easy to screw in. Other than that, lenses will feel and fit just like OEM.

For questions or any problems with an order, a product, a delivery or anything else related – please contact us directly at We are there to help you.

By buying, you agree you have read and understood every detail explained on these terms and on the description of the product.