Headlight Leveling Control Switch Harness




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VX Tuning again makes adapting neat Euro products on your US Spec model easier than ever. Manually control the up/down adjustment of headlights via a rheostat switch in the dash. The kit requires the European headlight leveling switch & headlight assemblies with leveling motors such as OEM HID’s, ECodes, VXT FXR’s or VXT GEN2. When those components are used, this kit is a simple upgrade.

Most installations require cutting and splicing 2 wires within the headlight housing to by pass the auto level system most head light housings were designed to work with (applies to Euro Models). This kit uses the large terminals which connect to the back of the OEM female 10-pin connector NOT to the back of the OEM female 12-pin electrical connector.

If you want to plug this harness to the back of the OEM 12-pin connector (back of Euro HID headlight) then you must use smaller female electrical connectors which are NOT part of this kit.

Because of the various leveling systems available from Volkswagen you will need to understand what leveling system you have.


*requires knowledge of your leveling motor system*



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