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Available on backorder

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Please note: if you place an order for these new VXT Bi-LED Projector Housings, they are not in stock and are sold on a “pre-order” status exclusively at this time. Next shipment is scheduled to arrive March 2021

Throughout the years, Rallye owners have been dealing with problems finding replacement parts for their 28+ year old car. For those who are lucky enough to find some replacement parts, they will have to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a used part. Let’s not even mention new parts, those are extremely rare to come by, and in case you run across some, prices will be outrageous. Due to all these problems mentioned, most owners have their Rallye’s parked, inoperable or incomplete. VX Tuning has decided to help the Rallye community by offering replacement parts that will meet or exceed OE quality at very affordable prices.

VX Tuning is proud to bring you our very own Bi-LED Projector Housings for your OEM Rallye Headlights.

Our VXT Projector Housings will fit and feel just like an OEM projector housing. They are 100% plug and play, and there is no need for any additional wiring or modifications done to your Rallye.

Our projectors are 3″ in size fully LED 25watts. They are powered by a CSP chipset from Seoul SemiConductor with a kelvin rating of 5900K, giving it a nice white output color. The high quality optic clear lens and curved cutoff shield produce a beam pattern that’s plenty wide, with an ECE-sloped cutoff (available in RHD and LHD) that’s super sharp and colorful. The integrated mag-lev fan is sunk into the heat sink, keeping space to a minimum without sacrificing the ability to stay cool. The precision and existence of mostly die-cast (rather than stamped) parts in the cutoff shield mechanism makes for a slop-free setup, and conveys quality over cost savings. It could literally pass for an OEM part.

Forget about separate bulbs. Forget about big ballasts, or where to mount them. Forget about complex relay harnesses, and where to run them. Here, you’ve got the projector with a built in driver to regulate power and control it’s low and high beam function.

They will be available and ready to ship by late November.

Our VXT Rallye parts are manufactured and designed by VX Tuning. VX Tuning has spent countless hours researching each product to ensure optimum performance, fitment, and quality. Each part was created with the highest standards of excellence, at a price that you can afford. We guarantee you a perfect fit and 100% satisfaction.

Each order Includes:

1x Complete pre-assembled Projector Housing body with a Bi-LED projector Pre-Installed

3″ VXT Bi-LED projector
VXT OE Style Plastic Housing with Rubber cap/cover
VXT Adapter Brackets
Plug and play internal wiring
Available in LHD and RHD



High Beam Jumper Harness

Our High Beam Jumper Harness will allow you to use your  low beams together with your high beams at the same time. Without this harness, your projector will shut off every time you enable the high beams. With this harness, your projector will stay powered while the high beam is enabled. This harness will work OEM Projectors or aftermarket HID / LED projector upgrades. Price is per harness (1x)

Some MK2’s, including certain Rallye models experience this issue. With our harness, you will not experience such issue.


Does NOT include: Headlight Housing


UK, European and ROW “Rest Of the World” orders, will ship directly from our UK Distributor. VAT Import Taxes and Duty are included in the shipping cost for UK and European countries ONLY, and EXCLUDES rest of the world (ROW) orders. North and South American Orders will ship directly from our US warehouse. If you have any questions, or wish to purchase in bulk, please contact us to get you an exact shipping quote. Thank you.

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