AMP > D2S Ballast Adapters (90°) – 5″ Inches



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Reuse Your Ballasts: These will save you some money and allow the use of D2S bulbs with your aftermarket HID ballasts. Works with 99% of aftermarket HID kit ballasts that have “AMP” outputs. Please confirm compatibility by checking the product pictures if unsure.

These are built to industry standard specifications for AMP male/female high-voltage outputs, and “D2S” bulbs. They should work with all OEM and aftermarket ballasts and bulbs.

Another benefit of using these connectors that many don’t realize, is that they are so compact and are great for those who wants to install their ballasts inside the headlight housing. If you are looking for length, we also have them in 15″ – giving you a bit more freedom to choose where things are mounted.   These are properly insulated from top to bottom to shield the high-voltage that HID ballasts produced. Thick rubber insulation prevents wires from getting nicked, and voltage from leaking out. Don’t want any of that business around here!

There are a lot of these read-headed AMP>D2S adapters on the market, you can find something seemingly the same on eBay or Amazon for probably a couple bucks less (we know, because we used to carry the cheaper ones too) – but take it from us, its not worth it. They may cause bulb ignition reliability problems, or even worse, fry the base of your bulbs from poor tolerances. Though still inexpensive, our adapters are top quality!

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Dimensions6 × 10 × 2 in