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We have all been there and we have all witnessed our headlights fading away. Believe it or not, headlamps are the first to go off or fade away than any other part of your vehicle. In order to achieve maximum output from your headlamps, it is advisable to keep replacing them on a regular basis. Waiting for them to completely go off is not a right decision to make.

Mostly, headlights come in three different types, Halogens, LEDs, and Xenon lights. Halogen lights use a tungsten filament mixed with halogen gas to produce brighter light. The LED headlights are generally preferred over halogen lights as they draw less power, run cooler, and last longer but they also come with their high price tag. Finally, the xenon lights use xenon gas but are actually brighter in comparison to other headlight types. Xenon lights usually require a professional installation. The type of headlamp can also determine the longevity of the lights before completely going off.

Most of the times, it is not the headlamp itself that causes issues. People fail to realize that it could be the headlamp lens that has become clouded and dirty and thereby impeding the quality of light that is emitted. Cleaning up or replacing a headlamp lens can sometimes solve the problem. It is also important to know that dirt in headlamp lens occurs naturally over time. It hardly takes an hour or two to clean your headlamp lens. We also advise you to replace your headlamp lenses on a regular basis in order to achieve maximum efficiency from your headlamps. It is also an easy and inexpensive way to ensure a safer driving experience.

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