VXT HID / XENON European R32 (OEM STYLE) Bi-Xenon MORIMOTO Headlights – Chrome – MK4 Golf / GTI / R32

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With every purchase you will receive1x Set of complete MK4 Golf VXT OEM HID STYLE Headlights with 2.5" MORIMOTO Mini 7.0 Bixenon projectors 2x Ballasts extension power harnesses All bulbs (Except HID bulb and Ballasts)This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING inside the 48 states. If you live outside the 48 states, please contact us for an exact shipping quote before ordering. Thanks


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$524.99 $474.99

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We would like to introduce our new VXT HID / XENON European R32 (OEM STYLE) Bi-Xenon Headlights. These are one of a kind, not your average reps. Our reflectors will definitely give you that OEM look you are looking for and on top of that, we added a 2.5″ Morimoto Mini 7.0 Bixenon projector for more light visibility and amazing performance.

Our Headlights come standard equipped with the new MORIMOTO Mini 7.0 Projectors which offers a sharp cutoff, and a wider and longer output. A great projector overall, especially for the dark open country roads. MORIMOTO Projectors are mounted on our VXT reflectors using our custom adapter plates and all hardware required. Installation is done in-house and will be shipped with projectors pre-installed.

We have 3 styles to choose from. The all Chrome, for that OEM Look and style. The all Black, for that more aggressive sportier look. And last, our Chrome with Black trim bezels. This style is the same look and style found on the 20th Anniversary GTI models, or the 25th Anniversary GTI models in Europe. For the All Black style and 20th A/E style Finish, there is an additional $10 dollar charge.

We have added an option where you can customize your turn signals. You can choose either Clear, Amber or Smoked. Our inner turn signal reflector is amber (same as OEM) so no matter what turn signal lens color you choose, you will always have an amber blinking light.

Our rear covers are one of a kind. They have a built in power connector which will feed power to your ballast. There is definitely no need to cut or drill any holes to the rear covers. Unless you get your own HID kit, then you will need to cut a hole to the exact size of the grommet that is included with the HID kit you have. This has to be done in order to run the bulb from the inside to the outside of the headlight. If you select, either our VXT HID kit or the Moirmoto HID Kit, we will install the bulbs and add the correct size grommet for you, so you can have a complete assembly ready to install. That means less mess and less wires at the time of plugging everything in. With our headlights, you don’t need any special harnesses to make them work. Simply plug them in to your stock headlight connector, connect your ballast to the rear cover, and you are ready to go. Adding a relay harness is not required, but we do recommend it.

We are now offering our own VXT HID Mini Ballasts with Morimoto XB Bulbs for an additional $74.99. Our kits come with a 1 year warranty against any manufacturer defect. This setup combination works great and its very affordable. They are very compact, and their performance and quality is absolutely amazing for its size. If you still think you need more power and performance, but you don’t care hurting your wallet. We also carry the Morimoto Elite HID System HID Kits, which start at $120. These are absolutely amazing kits, made with high quality components.  We highly recommend to stay away from those cheap HID kits found on eBay or other sites. They will cause you headaches and can run the risk of damaging your wiring, or other electrical components on your car. To make sure your ballasts are getting the correct power and at the same time protect them, grab a set of the Morimoto Relay Harness kit for an extra $30 dollars. We highly recommend it. (Relay harness will work with both, VXT and Morimoto HID kits)

All of our headlights will come with Glass lenses pre-installed and will include all bulbs (except HID kit) which is sold separately. Every headlight will be assembled in house and will be inspected before it leaves the warehouse. Our general wait-list time is one to two weeks, but may be longer during holidays or closures.

This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING inside the 48 states. If you live outside the 48 states, please contact us for an exact shipping quote before ordering. Thanks

Please go to our “Policy” and read our warranty terms before buying.