Dual Mode Turn Signal / DRL Socket – MK4 Bora / Jetta / Golf OEM HID Xenon Headlights



Kit Includes:

  • 2x VXT Sockets with crimped connectors
  • 6x T-Tap Connectors


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You can now give your OEM HID Xenon Headlights an unique look by adding our VXT DUAL-MODE LED Turn Signal / DRL sockets.

Our Sockets work in 2 modes; as a DRL which is a Day Time Running Light and a Turn Signal.

The DRL mode is pretty neat, it will light up during the day making your turn signals work as a DRL.

The Turn Signal mode is just the same as your turn signal. (Our LEDs have built in load resistors which will prevent your car from “Hyper-Flashing”)

Our VXT Turn Signal / DRL Sockets consist of 2 pieces, mounting base, and LED Bulb. The base is made of Billet Aluminum which will help the LED stay cool. It also has a grab handle that makes the socket easier to turn and lock when installing compared to the stock socket. The LED Bulb, which is removable from the base, is made with high quality “True Amber” LED chips that have built in resistors to avoid “Hyper-Flashing”. Another advantage of making the bulb removable, it allows for the bulb to be changed in case it needs to.

Will work on all OEM HID Xenon Headlights, including European and US models.

Installation is pretty simple and does not require to cut or modify any wires. T-Taps are included to just tap the OEM wires and connect from there. If you wish to remove the VXT socket in the future, simply remove the T-Taps and everything will be back to normal.

To Install:

Our VXT sockets have 3 wires:

Green – Turn Signal (Bright Mode)

Red – City Light (Soft Mode)

Black – Ground


To install, use the T-Taps provided in the kit and install;

1x T-Tap in the (Positive Turn Signal wire) in most OEM HIDs this wire is Blue. On most Replica headlights, this wire is Green

1x T-Tap in the (Positive City Light Wire) in most OEM HID headlights this wire is Green. On most Replica headlights, this wire is Red

1x T-Tap in the (Ground wire), which is a brown wire located on the turn signal socket, or city light, whichever you prefer. On most Replica headlights, this wire is Brown as well.


Connect the Green wire from your VXT Socket to the Turn Signal (Blue) wire in your OEM HID headlight
Connect the Red wire from your VXT Socket to the City Light (Green) wire in your OEM HID headlight
Connect the Black wire from your VXT Socket to the Ground (Brown) wire in your OEM HID headlight

Our VXT Sockets will ONLY work on OEM HID Xenon Headlights (Bora and Golf) and some Replica, including our VXT BORA Headlights
They will NOT work on our VXT GOLF HID headlight, Halogen Ecodes, HELIX projectors, Aftermarket Projectors, US Spec Factory Headlights


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Dimensions 6 × 10 × 1 in


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