BILLET Aluminum Adjusters for MK4 OEM HID Headlights




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We have a great solution for those who have broken adjusters on their OEM HID Headlights. These adjusters are a direct replacement, meaning you don’t need to modify anything on your headlights. Just uninstall the old broken adjusters and install these ones.

Original clips can be installed and the knob makes it easier to adjust giving you that real feeling, instead of using tools and running the risk of damaging the headlight. We also added an allen head just in case anyone needs it, but with the knob, is more than enough.

These adjusters will fit our replicas and all OEM MK4 Golf & Jetta HID Xenon Headlights.

In order to install these, Lenses need to be removed. Once installed, they will work the same as the OEM adjusters. We have a DIY on how to remove the lenses, and to install the adjusters, is plain and simple. Just unscrew the broken or old adjuster and install the new adjuster.

Since OEM HID’s come with a grey gear that is attached on the clip, it will need to be removed and you will not need that anymore. That is why we built the knob, so you can use the best tool ever. Your hand.


Adjusters are sold individually (1x Adjuster)

Additional information

Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in